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e-cobr cycle securityD locksOnGuard Pitbull Shackles (Key)

OnGuard Pitbull Shackles (Key) (14)

The Pitbull family is the middle tier of OnGuard Shackle Locks, again comprising of 7 locks.

The Pitbull locks are all Sold Secure, Silver approved and this time come with an £800 anti theft guarantee, also available in a variety of lengths and widths including 3 mini size Shackles, plus the popular DT versions that come complete with 4' extender cable.

Each lock in the range benefits from 13mm ultra hardened steel shackle and a double bolt locking mechanism to ensure maximum defence against attack.

The "All-Tube" brackets come included as standard for ease of transportation.


5002 LS: 4 star, 115mm x 292mm, £33.99

5003 STD: 4 star, 115mm x 229mm, £33.99

5004 ATB: 4 star, 127mm x 229mm, £33.99

5005 DT: 4 star +, 115mm x 229mm + 120cm x 10mm, £35.99

5006 Mini: 4 star, 89mm x 140mm, £28.99

5007 Mini LS: 4 star, 89mm x 240mm, £28.99

5008 DT: 4 star +, 89mm x 140mm + 120cm x 10mm, £30.99

Includes 4 laser cut keys and 1 light key for night-time use.

Carriage on all Pitbull Shackles is £3.99 to mainland UK.†

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We are a group of UK cycle retailers and suppliers with a central contact point, e-cobr marketing.

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