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Polar S610i" - Running Specific HRM (14)

The Polar S610i heart rate monitor is the informed choice for the serious athlete. It is a powerful model designed for the ultimate in sports performance.

It has incredible storage accuracy and the memory monitoring are unmatched and long periods of exercise can be checked for future reference. It is specifically intended for in-depth performance data and to compliment the work of trainers.

Basic Functions of Polar S610i HRM include:

Water resistant to 50 metres

3 x Target zones with visible audible alarm


OwnCode - coded transmission (avoids crosstalk)

Stopwatch with 99 lap memory


Interval training function (time based or HR based)

Recovery function (time based or HR based)

Lap times with average heart rate

Maximum/average heart rate of each lap

Fitness Features of Polar S610i HRM

FITNESS FEATURES of Polar S610i heart monitor

OwnIndex(s)" - provides automatic intensity guidance with blinking and sounding alarm

OwnCal(s)" - automatically determines your calorie usage. This is one of the best ways of determining the effort and intensity of different training sessions. We use "calories burnt" with all our personal clients as an indicator / target of effort per session. It is also useful when aiming to prevent overtraining. The software shows at a glance "number of calories" per week / session. ? 2004 BHIP Ltd

Predicted maximum heart rate

Percentage of maximum heart rate

3 Hi/Low Target Zones with audible/visual alarm

Recovery function, Heart Rate or Time based

Lap times with heart rate data

Max / average heart rate of each lap

Interval training function, 30 Time based or Heart rate based intervals.

Recording/Memory Functions of Polar S610i Heart Rate Monitor

Total exercise time

Time in target zone (in, below, above)

Average heart rate of total training

Maximum heart rate of total training

Training file info page

Downloads data to computer (infrared) (up to 16,000 HR samples!) This is equivalent to 22 hours of data at 5 second sample rate. That can be 22 x 1hr sessions or 2 x 11 hour sessions etc.

Uploads data from computer

Unlimited number of exercise files available

Polar Coded transmitter strap

For the full list of features of this HRM (which are numerous) we recommend you visit the POLAR website www.polar.fi?***Enlarge image***


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