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Top quality cycling products from not ONE but a group of cycle retailers. Please visit our Home page for full details about our company and policies.

e-cobr training and nutrition ?? e-SIS energy food and drink ?? SIS REGO Nocte

SIS REGO Nocte (360g)

Contains an anti catabolic slow release protein blend of Magnesium Caseinate, whey protein and glutamine peptide also included is an anabolic mineral support formula with synergistic fructo-oligosaccharides to maximise mineral absorption. This drip feeds amino acids during sleep providing an anti catabolic effect, the amino acids also support the higher I.G.F. and testosterone levels associated with the anabolic mineral supplementation. Dont go hungry. Adapt while you sleep.

Rego Nocte has just been named Runner's World

Nutritional Aid of the Year

PLEASE BE AWARE extra carriage may be required if multiple food items are ordered.?


Arrived from a Search engine? First time visitor? Please read this or preferably visit our Home page which will tell you all the things you need to know about e-cobr, increasingly the only cycling advice, information and shopping resource you need.


is a sales and marketing organisation and is also the trading name for a group of cycle retailers who have combined their Internet activities.

We are a group of UK cycle retailers and suppliers with a central contact point, e-cobr marketing.

This approach provides you with one secure purchase and contact point that does not affect your Consumer Rights in anyway.?

98% of the stock shown in our catalogue is held by our members.

We only show brands/items stocked by our members.?If products, sizes or colours you want are not shown, these will not be available.

Unless shown otherwise, our standard delivery charge for non bulky items to Mainland UK is ?2.99 up to 750gms, or ?3.99 up to 1KG or if 2 members are involved. Carriage on cycles in Mainland UK is ?18.00.

For a complete explanation of our Terms and Conditions of business follow the link at the top of this page.

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