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Cycling in New Forest
Back Through Balmer Lawn

Regular route 11.5miles
1. Short route 8.2 miles
2. Extension 2.5 miles extra for pub

A. Cycle Experience (1.6 miles to next point)
Leave Island Shop and continue across level crossing. Then take the first road on the left and follow Mill Lane for almost a mile, until crossing bridge and meeting T-junction. Turn left and cycle along lane, passing under railway bridge and past houses until reaching sharp left-hand bend with gravel track on the right. Turn onto the long, straight gravel track.

B. Track Junction (3 miles to next point)
Follow track for mile until it forks and take the left fork, up towards the Parking Area. Proceed through gate after "Standing Hat" sign at edge of the forest. Take the left fork after gate. This track continues for 1.4 mile before bending sharply to the left and then the right, up an incline and down again until reaching a T-junction. Turn right (the more worn route) and after 200 yds you will meet another T-junction (1 Short Route). Turn left and follow track for a short way until meeting another junction. Take the left fork and follow for about 1.4 of a mile until reaching a gate.

C. Gate (2 miles to next point)
Proceed through gate (2 Extension) and turn right at the T-junction. Continue for mile until reaching a T-junction in a clearing. Turn right and proceed through gate. After about 200 yds, you will meet a junction on the left. Follow this junction downhill for about 300 yds until meeting another junction on your left. Take this left turn around to the right. Continue for 1/3 mile before reaching a T-junction. Turn left and continue up and over the hill until reaching the tarmac road. Turn right and cycle along tarmac until reaching gravel track. Proceed down hill pass Denny Lodge (on your right).

D. Denny Lodge (2.7 miles to next point)
After passing Denny Lodge, proceed into forest enclosure for 1 1/4 miles, passing a left-turn, and a right-turn until reaching a track crossroads. Turn right and continue until meeting yet another crossroads. Continue until passing through a gate and emerging at "Standing Hat" parking area from avenue between the trees.

E. Standing Hat (2.2 miles to next point)
Continue back to where gravel track meets the lane. Turn left into lane and follow route back to the Island Shop via Mill Lane (the way you came out).

1. Short Route - Turn right, follow track down hill, round left-bend until reaching right junction over stream tributary. Turn right and follow track downhill, passing through sets of gates, until reaching a track crossing. Turn right and follow track until reaching gate. Pass through gate and after 100 yds, you will be back at Standing Hat Car Park.

2. Extension - Turn left at T-junction after *gate and follow track until reaching end of forest enclosure at Clayhill. Proceed through gate and continue to A337 road. Turn left for Crown & Stirrup pub. Lyndhurst is to the right. (Return to *gate to rejoin route later).

* indicates the same gate.

Please give way to wagon rides.

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