How to order
Ordering from e-cobr

Because e-cobr is a group of independent cycle retailers, one of two things will happen with your order when received by us.

1. If the item ordered is stock held by a member/s, we pass it to them who will supply the product and charge your credit card once it has been despatched to you. This therefore means that your 'contract of purchase' is with that retailer/s.

If the member does not have the product in stock, they are asked to contact you to offer a delivery date, an alternative product, or the opportunity to cancel your order.  See below.

2. In the event of the item being 'stocked' by e-cobr, all responsibilities for the 'contract of purchase' are with us.

You will often receive single item orders (assuming in stock) within 48 hours.  Alternatively you should have email or telephone contact to explain why not.  Also see below Current Delivery Schedule.

Issues relating to ordering

Collation of an order
Returns policy
Payment by credit cards
Credit card security
Shipping and Handling
International shipping
Current delivery/order processing schedule
Tax charges
Product availability
Contacting us
Special Note

Order Collation service

As the number of members and brands have increased, we receive increasing numbers of orders for multiple items, thank you. This however often involves more than one retailer member supplying your order.

We attempt at all times to ensure that no more than two retailer members are involved. If more than two are involved we will, if you wish and if practical, collate your order and despatch it from one location.

Therefore, when ordering multiple items, please indicate if you want us to collate your order, or we will inform you that this may be happening and give you the choice.

We have to apply a Standard Surcharge of a MAXIMUM of £5.00 for this service. This surcharge covers the cost of our members delivering the item to us. The surcharge will always be adjusted downwards if possible.

Obviously this collation process will add3-4 days to our normal delivery.
Carriage costs for delivery of the order to you will then be applied at cost.

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Returns policy

A 7 (seven) day 'cooling off' period applies to all items ordered on-line.

Within this period if we have delivered the correct item you can return it in its original packaging and suitable for resale for a full refund excluding carriage charges. 

If we have delivered the incorrect item, you can return it, again as stipulated above, but for a full refund including original postage.

If returned items are damaged and therefore not saleable at the RRP we will make an agreed and fair adjustment to the refunded value.

***  PLEASE SEND YOUR RETURN ITEMS BACK TO THE MEMBER WHO SUPPLIED THE PRODUCT.   Also, unless e-cobr supplied the product direct, it is the member who will refund your card and not e-cobr. ***

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Non-UK customers

If you are shopping from outside the UK, place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to your own currency.

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Payment by credit cards

We accept all the following cards

Other than in exceptional circumstances we do not charge for any item until it is shipped to you.

However, from some countries, and in certain situations, we may insist on pre-payment by Bankers Draft and refuse payment by credit card.

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Credit Card Security

Our website has a Thawte SSL Web server Certificate, see bottom of page, therefore you can be assured that your card details are secure.

What is a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate?

With a Thawte SSL Web Server Certificate, any information sent from our site is encrypted or scrambled, making it impossible to intercept or steal.

A SSL Web Server Certificate also enables you to view the following information:

- The domain for which the certificate was issued i.e
- The owner of the certificate.
- The physical location of the owner.
- The validity dates of the certificate.

Why do we use a SSL Web Server Certificate?

Utilizing Thawte's digital SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 'handshake', which is based on the leading security protocol on the Internet, you can rest assured that all online communications are secure while the information is being transmitted. Using the Internet for shopping is now probably more secure than ever as there are many card providers who provide a specific service protecting you from fraudulent use of it and you are protected by many laws that we don't want to fall foul of.

What we are trying to say is that whilst it can seem a huge leap of faith to commit your card details to us, its not that big a step really because

a)your card details are totally secure whilst they are being transmitted to us
b) most Banks and Card Service providers protect you from fraudulent use anyway. 

If however you still prefer not to send your details using the method explained then choose the other payment method provided for you 'Send card details separately'.  

Once the order has been transmitted a document will be produced by the software that you should print, complete your card details and then post or fax the document to us.

If you like neither of the above, just phone us, we don't bite, well not too hard anyway.....

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Shipping And Handling

Due to the nature of our organisation whilst we try to keep shipping and handling charges consistent across the board, there may be some differences from member to member.  Please see below for a set of 'standard charges' to Mainland UK.

Snapshot of charges

A snapshot and some examples are shown below but please read the other information as well.

Mainland UK, packages up to 750 gms.
Mainland UK, up to 1 Kg, involving 2 members.
More than 2 members, we offer a collation service
At cost
Standard charge for bikes to Mainland UK
For heavy items we will either send as a parcel or by using of an overnight carrier
carrier charge from £7.95

Specific examples
Helmets or shoes - mainland UK
Turbo Trainers - mainland UK

Full explanation

Most UK Mainland single or multiple (non-bulky) item deliveries will be covered by a simple, all inclusive charge of £2.99.

In the event of your order being made up of multiple items from more than one member, for the type of items mentioned above and the same delivery specifications, a standard charge of £3.99 will apply.

The standard parcels tariff guide which applies to many orders is shown below.  These are guide prices covering delivery and do not include packaging costs but will give you a guide as to what you are likely to have to pay.  Items such as shoes and helmets to UK Mainland will probably cost between £6-7.00. 

Weight not over

Our standard charge for delivery of bikes to locations within mainland UK is currently £18.00. 

Delivery of heavy items such as turbo trainers varies from member to member but will be between £10-15.

In the event of items being ordered that do not fit into the categories above and involving the use of carriers a standard charge £7.95 will apply.   You will be informed of the cost, if higher than the standard carrier charge shown before the item is sent and your card charged.

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For International shoppers, products up to 2Kg can be sent airmail with costs varying dependent upon weight. Break points are shown below and again the costs include delivery only and not packing charges.

 Weight not over
World zone1
World zone2
£1. 20

Europe All countries in Europe including the Republic of Ireland
Rest of World Zone 1 South America, North America, Canada, the Middle East, Africa, parts of Asia including the Indian sub-continent, Most of southeast Asia and Hong Kong
Rest of World Zone 2 The rest of the world outside Zone 1 and Europe, comprising countries and territories in Asia and Australasia

If more specific costs are required please contact us on though they will be based on the above charges.

Also please note that the default delivery charge of £2.99 appears on every order.  In the event of delivery costing more, either you can change the amount yourself before sending the order to us, or we will do it for you when we process the order.  We tell you this because it will mean that your documentation and the charge on your credit card statement will be slightly different.

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Current Delivery/Order processing Schedule

You should receive your order within 7 days, often much earlier.

We process orders daily.  Orders passed to our members during the morning will most often be processed and sent the same day, assuming in stock. 

If you order a cycle, they always receive a Pre-ride inspection before packing and despatch and are therefore usually sent out the following day.

Orders placed on our system after 1.00 pm will not be processed until the following day unless specifically asked for by e-mail or phone call.

Many products will then be received within a further 48 hours within Mainland UK. However you should definitely expect delivery in mainland UK within 7 working days of placing your order.

Airmail to Europe should reach you within 5-6 working days and to the rest of the world in 7-8 working days.

Special note
e-cobr marketing staff don't work on Saturdays or Sundays, so please don't count these as working days even though many, or most of our members are open on these days.

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Tax Charges

For orders made from the UK or the European Union, 17.5% VAT is included. All other orders are VAT free and you should click the exempt button to reduce VAT to zero .

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Product Availability

The groups objective is to maintain a 90+% product availability at all times.  End of season and brand range changes are usually what affect this percentage.

When we receive your order we allocate it to the appropriate member or members. In the event of your chosen product not being available the procedure is that our member wll contact you directly either by phone or e-mail to give you the option of waiting, changing the item or cancelling the order.

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Reaching Us

If you need to contact us

mail e-cobr
The studio
60 Wordsworth Avenue
Newport Pagnell
United Kingdom
MK16 8RJ.
Please remember PLEASE bear in mind when contacting the above that you are speaking to a central contact point for all the members. 

Your questions/queries therefore will most likely need to be passed on to one of our members to sort out.

Also, whilst we attempt to maintain the accuracy of offers available from our members we can rarely tell you if they have items in stock that do not appear on the website.

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Special Note:

Whilst we at Central Marketing make every attempt to ensure the above procedures are adhered to, slip ups can occur as our retailer members are substantial 'bricks and mortar establishments' as well as being involved with e-cobr. 

If, after7 working days you have not received your order then please contact us and we will do all we can to assist you. Please bear in mind that we would not be aware of any difficulty with your order.
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