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Welcome to all women (female) cyclists

As a male editor and cyclist I was asked, why a Women specific section?

Well I see many female cyclists around and happen to spend many happy hours riding throught the country lanes near our home, or other parts of the country, with a female cyclist. Infact don't tell her but that's her on the left.

I therefore have a reasonable insight into cycling from the womans perspective. Believe me, I am told often enough of the differences, usually from just behind my right or left shoulder!

Being the 'mere female of the group', she does not ride on the front, "that's the testosterone pumped up males job". But she can give many as good as they give, except when it comes to sheer strength on hills for example.

In this section we introduce the main differences between male and female cyclist and the areas females need to be aware of to ensure that cycling is an enjoyable pastime. We are also happy to link you to the shopping area, where again there is a women specific section.

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