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Basic maintenance
Brake checks
Brake care
Brake adjustment
Bottom bracket
Chain care
Chainset care
Front derailleur
Rear derailleur
Types of gears
Hubs and bearings
Wheels and tyres
Advanced checks
General checks
Gears and chain
Fork and frame
Wheels and tyres
After a crash

Welcome to the e-cobr Cycle Workshop Manual

In our 'old' site, this was probably one of the most frequently visited sections. So we have brought it into its own section eventually, it got lost in the transfer.

We do not attempt to cover everything, the basics certainly, plus those elements we believe are easy to perform without specialist equipment. Beyond this point we would suggest getting the professional involved.

Preventing minor problems from becoming major costly ones should be the goal of every cyclist. With a little knowledge and care, many costly repairs can be prevented from happening.

We are happy therefore to provide a significant workshop manual designed to help guide cyclists through most of the basics of cycle maintenance and repair.

All sections are now available and any modifications will reflect the continual development of cycle components or requests from visitors.

Development of the Manual

As the manual is developed further; we will cover most aspects of the modern bike, up to a point. After this we will provide you with 'access to the expert' for when you should want to continue beyond where we honestly believe you should pass the job onto the expert i.e. the skilled cycle mechanic.

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