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Reference TORQUE Table

Any fixing bolt or nut that can be tightened on a bike should ideally be done to torque specifications.  The table below is for general reference only.  Always refer first to the manufacturers specifications..... and remember the reason for using a torque wrench - 'tights just right, too tights stripped'

Component Material lb./ft.
handlebar stem any 12-14
handlebar stem bolt any 14-15
handlebar locknut steel, titanium 25-30
  aluminum 20-35
bottom bracket lockring steel 20-35
. aluminum 15-20
bottom bracket fixed cup any 20-25
cotterless crank bolt steel, titanium 25-30
chainring bolt aluminum 4-6
. steel 6-7
pedal attachment any 30-33
saddle binder bolt steel, titanium 6-8
brake mounting bolt steel, titanium 6-7
brake pivot bolt any 3-4
brake lever bolt any 5-6
derailleur mount bolt any 6-7

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