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Replacing a Cartridge Bottom Bracket
  • Having removed both cranks from the bike start with the chain side first.
  • Engage the external teeth of the extractor with the retaining ring.
  • Once positioned in the retaining ring, place a large spanner or adjustable spanner on the extractor. You need to be very gentle with the spanner as the retaining ring is usually made of plastic, or a resin and if you are not careful, you could strip it. This one you need to rotate in a CLOCKWISE direction to remove.
  • Now, you need to insert to extractor on the non-chain side. To remove you rotate this one in the regular, counter-clockwise direction.
  • Now remove the cartridge out of the bottom bracket shell.


  • Clean the inside of the bottom bracket shell with spray lube.
  • Again start with the chain side by screwing the retaining ring in partially, to make sure the threads are clean. Coat with anti-seize, or copper grease, if appropriate.
  • Screw the retaining ring in about 2/3 of the way with your fingers, making sure it goes in straight.
  • Now switch to the non-chain side of the bike. Make sure the cartridge is clean and again apply anti-seize, or copper grease, if appropriate. Screw it in as far as you can with your fingers.
  • Now use the wrench to tighten it into position. It should be flush with the bottom bracket shell. Remember to screw this side, the non-chain side, in clockwise.
  • Now go back to the chain side. You need to tighten the retaining ring until it touches the end of the cartridge. This will lock it into place.

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