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Need some tips on easy repairs after a crash so you can make it home?

Well, we've provided you with some easy tips on how you can solve these problems simply and easily. To be safe, never ride further than necessary before installing new parts.

1. Bent stems can be straightened if the front wheels are held between your legs and you twist the handlebars. 

2. If one side of the handlebars is bent, lay the bike on the ground, put your foot on the stem and pull hard. Remember not to yank though, bent metal is best bent back into place slowly as you steadily increase force. 

3. Damaged forks usually occur after a frontal crash. If possible straighten them with a wrench or a piece of tubing.

Best advice really is that if you've had a major incident, take the bike home by whatever means available, and then have the bike checked out by a mechanic.

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