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Cycling in Anglesey
Cycling in Anglesey

Tour 1 - NICO

This tour follows a figure of '8'

A-B Gently undulating lane with fine views across the lake. Hedges and banks are rich in flowers. Turn right into the next section.
B-C The main road from Llanerchymedd to Rhosgoch. The road undulates steeply at times, but there are plenty of 'freewheels'.
C-D B5111 road from Amlwch to Llanerchymedd. Turn right at the roundabout in the town centre, then right again on the hill 150m from the roundabout.
D-E A winding lane with views to the lake in the middle section. (SHORT TOUR starts at E - see below).
E-F Be careful not to miss the watermill which is on the right up a narrow lane beside a cycle tour sign. Then return to the lane to continue to the windmill. After leaving the mill carry on down the lane to the bottom and turn left.
F-G A wooded section past Llynnon Hall, then more open countryside with flower-rich hedgerows. Take a rest at Llyn Llywenan. This is a private lake but comes right up to the road.
G-E At E follow the sign to Llyn Alaw.
E-A Approaching Llyn Alaw Visitor Centre there is a short steep hill on a bend.

SHORT TOUR E-A Turn right at Llantrisant at sign to Llyn Alaw. If you want to shorten your tour but still wish to visit the mills, continue on the main tour and then retrace your steps to E.


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