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As competitive pressures increase within the retail sector and the need for ever higher standards of presentation are expected by consumers. The task of meeting this objective becomes increasingly time consuming for the small and medium sized retailer. The trend is therefore a continual move towards 'the big' taking yet larger amounts of market share.

Yet this needn't necessarily be the case. With the correct approach to marketing and promotion within the independent sector, we could see a reversal of this trend.

Over the years we have seen that within the cycle industry there seems a major desire to remain totally independent. We have never agreed with this attitude, as the ultimate cost is isolation which can, in some cases, lead to failure of the business.

Instead, we believe in the creation of a specific and unique image, and the use of available resources to effectively and continually promote that image.

We recognise that some retailers either do not have the knowledge, time or financial resource to ensure professional promotion of their chosen brands to their chosen customer. That therefore is the role we can provide for you. In effect we can become your marketing department!

So how can membership help you?

We can provide marketing and promotional services designed and already proven to increase sales for retailers within the cycle industry.

We have one of the most competitive credit card rates available to members. Unlike other schemes in the industry these rates are gained irrespective of a members turnover or average transaction value.

Our huge on-line shopping resource already produces a substantial increase to the monthly turnover of all our members.  Plus, due to the increased turnover our members can negotiate improved terms with their preferred suppliers.

Why not subscribe today and immediately reduce your overheads and the burden of after hours activity to an organisation who understands the needs and standards required by independent retailers.

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