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Apart from the overhead reductions like card rates, the primary services and products provided to Premier members are marketing oriented.

We work with our members to provide whichever type of service they require. These include:

Design of Point of sale and other promotional materials
Small run, in-house printing of promotional materials.
Design and maintenance of websites.
Creation and maintenance of on-line catalogue
Creation, maintenance and use of a database of customers.

The services and products are available to all members, with discounted prices/fees applying to Premier Members.

Due to the far greater emphasis being placed upon the marketing and promotion services for both real and virtual world promotion of the group and individual members, we have deemed it necessary to enlist the support of an association of freelance consultants operating as LPS marketing.

LPS Marketing - Integrated Marketing ServicesLPS marketing

Is a group of marketing, design and web specialists,
each an expert in their own field, that operate either individually on specific projects, or chosen as appropriate to implement an Integrated Marketing Strategy developed specifically for your store.

Visit the specific marketing site for further information and then follow on to the LPS marketing site for further information about the services they provide to our organisation

Why not subscribe today and immediately reduce your overheads and the burden of after hours activity to an organisation who understands the needs and standards required by independent retailers.

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