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Why join e-cobr?

Well why not? What do you stand to lose?

  • Independence? No.
  • Individuality? No.
  • Money? No.
  • Time? No.

Infact the total reverse of all the above, plus you become part of the most professional, independent marketing organisation within the cycling industry. And with subscription fees starting from the equivalent of £10.00 per annum, every retailer in the UK should be able to join us.

Reasons we frequently hear for not joining

I'm too busy?

We know you're busy, thats why we offer the services we do, to save you time and yet ensure your store and brands are promoted professionally and that your sales volumes increase!

I don't see the benefits of joining the group.

There's safety in numbers for a start plus how about card rates of 1.235% and 17p with no turnover or average transaction value requirements.  Plus the website is already one of the largest stand alone cycling specific shopping sites on the UK Internet.

I can't afford it.

Smoke? Drink? Need we say more?

Joining sounds complicated.

We've now made it very simple. Choose your membership type and follow the link and join on-line. Alternatively, phone us. We do most of the rest.

I don't want to join a buying group.

Fine, because e-cobr is a sales and marketing company!

I can't be bothered

Ah! we can't help with that one. Either you're big enough not to need us, in which case fine. Or, as e-cobr was established to help every retailer in the independent sector, please think again. Surely you can afford £120 per annum and if you get a return on that investment, upgrade your membership.

I don't need your help.

OK, some don't, but every company can benefit from a once over by an external party with the only objective of selling you services that help you increase sales and profitability rather than product to sit on your shelves!

You've got better credit and terms from suppliers anyway

This is an old one, but its fine, because we no longer promote specific supplier agreements. We now help members increase sales of specific quality brands so that they can negotiate further improvements with their chosen and preferred suppliers

Is it expensive?

It can be but the great thing about subscription to e-cobr is that you decide how expensive and with options that start from just £120.00 per annum, everyone can join!

I'm a member of the ACT.

So, stay a member, the ACT is not a sales and marketing organisation.

I have to choose between the ACT and e-cobr?

Your choice should be based on which will most likely help you achieve your business objectives this and in coming years.  Also which will represent an overhead and which will produce a measurable financial return?

Final message

At e-cobr we don't tell you what to do to increase sales and profitability, we do it for you!

Why not subscribe today and immediately reduce your overheads and the burden of after hours activity to an organisation who understands the needs and standards required by independent retailers.

Join by phone
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