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Membership and subscription types for 2005

Membership options for 2006 have been further simplified. There are now only two types of membership - Alliance and Premier.

Both provide the credit card rates referred to elsewhere. Only Premier also provides an income stream.

There are only a limited number of Premier Membership vacancies.

e-cobr Alliance Membership - £120.00 plus VAT per annum

Alliance Membership includes the financial services.   This form of membership is also open to industry specific suppliers as well as retailers.

We have added the benefit of selling last or previous years stock on our secure shopping site.  Once you have joined you will be able to place static or old branded stock onto our catalogue for sale directly to the consumer.  We only take a 10% commission on any sales we generate.

Membership financial benefits
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e-cobr Premier Membership - 240.00 plus VAT per annum

As above financial benefits plus the following package of sales and marketing services and products that are charged as appropriate.

  • Inclusion within the e-cobr shopping area PLUS your own catalogue linked to your own web site.
  • Guaranteed featuring as Member of the Month on the e-cobr shopping site.
Membership financial benefits
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Why not subscribe today and immediately reduce your overheads and the burden of after hours activity to an organisation who understands the needs and standards required by independent retailers.

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