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Beddgelert Forest

All of Beddgelert Forest is open for cycling. It is virtually traffic free, the only vehicles being the occasional forestry worker or local resident.

The terrain is ideal for all ages and abilities from kids and grandmas to downhill enthusiasts. For views we think Beddgelert Forest can't be beaten. If you want a flat route then don't come to Beddgelert Forest but try one of the old railway routes. However, most of the routes take in part of the old Welsh Highland Railway that runs through the forest.

As the whole forest is open to exploration the routes shown are only recommendations, they are not way marked. However, all the junctions are numbered and so finding your way around is easy. Please note that our recommended routes follow an anti-clockwise direction.

The Blue Route is ideal for families; it takes about One and a half hours and takes in Llyn Llwelyn in the centre of the forest. This is an ideal half way point and is excellent for picnics. It is a 'special place'.

The Red Route
can be done in two hours but is more suitable for teenagers and the fitter cyclist. We have kids do it but it is better if they take longer and don't rush it. Groups like this route because of its challenges and duration. It again takes in the lake and can be modified to take in some 'Black bits'.

The Black Bits these are for the enthusiast, they need some experience and technique but are great fun. They can be combined with the other routes to make a good day out, usually via the local

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