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Welcome to The Cycle Training Diary

Throughout this section it is our intention to bring to you the major elements to ensure necessary fitness whatever your cycling objectives. We cannot hope to cover or include everything related to training for cycling but we have attempted to cover the major elements that can help you achieve your objectives.

As mentioned elsewhere, setting objectives is paramount. Your objective may be to ride 10 miles without stopping, to complete a 25 mile charity ride, to compete in your first mountain bike race, to finish in the bunch in a 4th cat road race or become a first cat. Whatever your objective, make sure you set at least one and make sure it or they are realistic.

As well as objectives, a cyclist in training also needs discipline and commitment. This is because when it comes to February, 4 inches of snow outside and your training programme calls for 1.5 hours of level 2, or a 40 minute run, it would be very easy to stay in by the fireside and curse in the season when you are still being spat out the back of the bunch.

In this section we will pull together elements of training into training programmes for at least two cyclists. Both intend to race next year. Also, as it will be impossible to add everything relating to training, we hope to cover most other areas in a Questions and Answers format. Obviously if this approach reveals the necessity to add further sections, we will happily do so.

I'm pleased to say that in the event of you posing me a question I cannot answer I know I can call on the experience and expertise of at least 3 UK National Champions plus one who actually won the Milk Race.

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