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The story of effective frame sizing by Ben Serotta and Perception Products

In our efforts to constantly develop the site to include most aspects of cycling, training etc. We are pleased to bring you fairly advanced information regarding sizing the various elements of a bike. Most of the information within this area has been reproduced from original work done by Ben Serotta, owner of Serotta and provided by James Huggins of Perception Products who is both an e-cobr member and the importer of the Serotta brand of framesets.

Only a proper fitting bicycle will ensure maximum use of your power as well as maximum comfort. Building custom bikes involved measuring cyclists limb-to-limb using recommendations developed for the Italian cycling bible C.O.N.I. which were based on a study of a pool of accomplished cyclists and their bikes. These measurements were based on averages. They assumed that if a cyclist had a certain leg length and was riding a frame with a 58 centimetre seat tube then another cyclist with the same leg length should be riding the same size. Today, whether from the C.O.N.I. book, a computer database or on a spreadsheet, all modern sizing systems are still averaged-based.

People are not averages. We are creatures of nature and as such are all different with different limb lengths, sizes, and orientations of joints, symmetries, fitness levels and flexibilities - all of which contribute to bike fit. Only one fit system accounts for all of these variables - the Serotta Size-Cycle.

Included in this section is indepth information enabling every cyclist to ensure an almost perfect fit on their bike or by being unable to, to ascertain with some certainty the need to have a custom frame built for them.

Size cycle
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Other factors


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