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An overview of track racing

Personally I know very little about track racing.  The thought of those sloping boards and the height of some of them gives me a nose bleed just thinking about it, I am pleased to say I know one person however who was very good at it. I'll name drop, it's Chris Boardman.  However I recently received the following document from a friend who is into track, the bulk of the text I am led to believe was written by two guys called Jeff Jones and John Stevenson. 


The first track racing world championships was held in 1895. Early track races included bizarre high-speed events in which riders slipstreamed four-and six-man pace bikes. These were replaced by motorbikes after the turn of the century, and 'Derny' racing still plays a part in some European six-day festivals.

Currently the top track nation is France, closely followed by Germany, with Australia and Great Britain in the next tier. In addition, the USA, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and Belgium have several good riders or teams.

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